Canada, Eh?

      Canada is a fricking awesome place. Yes, fricking. And do you know why? Because Canadian’s love their country and are (relatively) humble about it. Canada Day just passed. This is my first time experiencing Canada Day outside of Toronto. In Toronto, there are parties, celebrations and fireworks. That’s because people think Toronto is our capital and we enjoy the attention. Toronto embraces the worlds eyes and goes “all out”. But the rest of Canada is different.


Over here in Nova Scotia, about half the people I met wore red and white and the other half wore whatever they wanted. I asked about ten people (not the largest sample but this wasn’t a research project) and they all said a version of “I love my country everyday, I don’t need to wear red on Canada on one day”. I love this attitude. Being proud of your country and showing it everyday, humbly. We don’t need fireworks or flags to show our worth. We know who we are and we love ourselves for it.



              A few weeks ago in class (social media class), my group created a video for Canada to broadcast on Canada Day. We interviewed many people in Toronto asking what Canada meant to them and recorded their answers. It’s so inspiring, humbling and empowering to hear what people think. My favourite answers were: home, multicultural community, unique food, love and acceptance, freedom, kindness and happiness. That is an excellent description of Canada.

Check out the full video of Laura The Canuck for the full responses to our Canada Day question (Yay Canada!).


                I hope everyone enjoys our little tribute to Canada Day and feels a little passion for their country.

– Your Heather


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