As a woman in today’s society, we have it pretty easy compared to other generations. Now I don’t want to get all intense (where these conversations often go), but it is ultimately true that women have come along way and the struggles we face today are not as restricting as they were decades ago.


Image from Soviet History Archive

When Tina Fey was a child, there were no women comedians. Could you imagine a world without humorous women such as Tina Fey, Joan Rivers or Ellen DeGeneres? What would I do at 4 pm everyday when Ellen is on? Probably play outside. But that’s boring.


Photo from Michelle Mass

After reading (and laughing) my way through Bossypants, I was so inspired by Tina Fey. I had no idea of the struggles she endured to become a comedian. She broke her own glass ceiling and is now not only the star of 30 Rock, she writes and produces Hollywood movies, as well as acts, and is a comedian for Saturday Night Live.


Photo from Tina Fey

It’s amazing what she has accomplished.

So what makes Tina different than you and I?


Tina Fey from 30 Rock

Her passion for her work and her devotion to be true to herself. Throughout her entire life, Tina Fey has gone to drama camps and acted in various plays. No matter how silly or ridiculous something seemed, Tina followed her heart.


Tina Fey from 30 Rock

If only, as a teenager I did the same. I know I would be a lot further to finding happiness than now.

So what can we learn from Tina other than how to raise hilarious children and become a movie star? Stay true to yourself. No matter how silly or idiotic something may seem, if it’s something you enjoy, go for it! You’ll always be happier if you follow your heart.

-Your Heather


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