Welcome to the site of the Little Pink Typewriter!

Polaroid Picture Frame: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/photo-paperHeather here to write stories, evoke invigorating conversation, stimulate the mind and most importantly, make us all question what is most important in a fun, positive, upbeat way.

I am:

Aspiring to Inspire.

I’d like to begin by saying conversation is an art. An art so profound it invigorates many senses, emotions and memories. However, a dull piece of art has to power to bore anyone senseless, until we’d rather watch paint dry (we’ve all been there… staring at our phones, wondering when is it appropriate to leave). As does conversation. Therefore, I welcome all conversation, no matter the conversation: questions, concerns, comments and feedback.

I am most interested in hearing YOUR opinions and YOUR advice (Yes! You!), even if we disagree. Establishing a conversation is not only to make the world more interesting (fun > paint drying), it’s also influential, moving and essential! Let’s discuss issues and topics. Let’s paint our nails  over blog posts. Let’s sip tea while holding back tears from moving articles. Let’s share a bottle (or two) of wine over silly videos. Let’s create a substantial and real conversation.

If you’re still wondering “why?” Well, to put it simply, conversation is a key element to happiness, frustration, anger, empathy and influencing all crucial emotions. By tapping into these emotions, we can make the best of every moment, everyday, every month, every year and hopefully, for the rest of our lives.

Now, let’s create a  conversation.

-Your Heather



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the site of the Little Pink Typewriter!

  1. Love the pink typewriter and the pops of colour on the site! I too am a bit of a typewriter freak..I had a powder blue portable from my mom – who was a secretary sort of around the same time as Mad Men (first season) …I just hope she never went through what Peggy did 🙂

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